Stain Your Deck

Summer time is almost here, which means your deck is about to see some heavy traffic. While you enjoy your barbeques and get-togethers your deck is experiencing some serious wear and tear. To add to this the summer sun can dry out your deck and fade its color. For most decks stain does a great job protecting against these elements. Stain can bring new life to dried out decks or add a nice new finish to them. With a range of colors to choose from there is bound to be one you like. We recommend that your deck is stained a minimum of once every two years to keep it in tip-top shape.
In last weeks blog we explained the process and importance of power washing. This is the first crucial step before you stain to insure that the product will last. For anyone with a trex deck power washing is a quick and cheap fix for a dull dirty deck. So before you plan your next deck party or if you just plan to quietly enjoy it all summer make sure it is properly protected.