3 Ways to Treat Interior Wood

Whether it be a newly purchased house or a home that you have been in for years, refurbishing interior wood is a great way to renovate a stagnant room or to bring distinct style into a residence. At Cutting Edge Painters, we specialize in three different methods that would transform any piece of wood. Whether it be cabinets, door/door frames, baseboards, shelves, or even an old book case you have been looking to transform, our techniques are a sure way to revamp any style.

� � �1. Convert to Latex

One of the most common ways we treat wood surfaces is by converting it to a latex paint. This method can be done with both fresh wood and pieces that have been previously stained. While this can be an extensive process, the results are the most diverse based simply on the array of paint colors available to the consumer.

� � �2. Refurbish old wood

Wood can be a great accent to any room, especially in New England. In countless homes, there are great wood fixtures that some would consider a sin to cover with paint. It is in these cases a protective polyurethane coating would secure the integrity of the wood while bringing it back to life, giving the pieces a great shine and luster. Polyurethane can be a tricky substance to work with, our employees though, have tenured experience not only doing book shelves or trim, but also whole walls and cabinets.

� � �3. Wood Stain

While it is a common assumption that stain is only used on outside wood, decks, cedar shakes siding, etc. it also serves as a great interior tool as well. Changing the stain of wood trim not only acts as a protective element for a home, but it allows a customer to switch up a color scheme in a room without having to worry about matching the brightness of a wood trim. For example, changing a light cedar to a rich mahogany opens the color spectrum to a more diverse set of options.

It does not matter if it is aged trim or freshly constructed cabinets, give us a call today for a free quote on how we can restore your interior wood!